Every Cat Should Have a Dog…EMAIL??

Gus Won't Admit This, But He Loves Snuggling with Smudge!

This post will certainly make you smile.  There is another fabulous email going around with great pictures of dogs and cats snuggling…and it’s SUPER adorable!  The title of the email is:  Every Cat Should Have A Dog.  Does anyone know where this email originated?

I am so lucky that my Coon Dog, Gus, has been such a good boy with his kitty brothers and sisters over the years and currently with his three kitty brothers…And, vise versa.  Who every said that cats and dogs can’t live in perfect harmony LOL? And, Fuzz & Smudge were five month old feral/free roaming kittens when they joined our family!

Here are a few of the pictures from the above-referenced email in case you haven’t seen them yet… Enjoy :-)




OMG...Too Sweet!


Is There Any Room For Me?


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